Still 'penny ante' at heart
I'm having fun, after piddling around playing PSO and $0.10 SNGs, & earning a penny an hour. I started to invest my money in NAPL events ($0,10 & 1$) finally won a 2nd pl, good for $58
. Spent a week playing even at bigger SNGs and $1 NAPLs & broke even, went to Hold'em cash tables, I may not have patience enough
to last thru PSO games, but for the cash games,  I have plenty. Started on the lowest blind 1 & 2 cents, it's like playing the nickle slots, fell asleep. went to the next level 2 & 5 cents, played won a bit, but didn't really care. Tried 5 & 10 (same level I olayed in the 60s, in college), EUREKA! At this level most contested pots are $2-4, I play a tight PSO basic game, watching the STATs, & wait for the good hands, while watching the loose suckers, playing 1 or 2 per round, & winning 60%. Did try the 10 &25 cent level, but am not yet comfortable playing for 6-15% pots
. O well something to aim for.
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