My mother was a Texas Holdem Player before she was murdered in 2006.I buried her on Valentines Day. My Step-Dad was eventually cleared of all charges when all of the evidence clearly pointed to him.To Be Truthfully honest I had never played poker or anything other than the occasional 500 Rummy or WAR.But i am an actor/model and I recently visited Vegas for an audition and photoshoot.My first night there I had a dream and it was my mother and the dream is vague but i remember her telling me to try my luck and gambling and Poker.So the next morning I took to Harrahs and Caesars Palace where I played 3 card poker and blackjack.I had never played before but after the dealers quick instructions I began winning a fairly decent amount of money.Then i saw a sign for a Texas Hold em Tournament and I remember that was my moms favorite game.So i entered it with a $100 dollar buy in fee.After my agent had taught me the basics I began playing ultimately placed 4th where I received $700.Now i am addicted to Texas Hold Em.I play everyday On POKERSTARS.COM and have won a few sit and go freerolls but the my opponents have mostly been playing for years and I have yet to win tournaments but i hope with me studying poker everyday and learning from my mistakes and watching it on t.v whenever it is on and Training on POKERSCHOOLONLINE that it / along with the help of my late mother/ that i may grow into a spiritual and and better person and poker player thanks to this Wonderful Site.

Christopher S. Tackett