around 400 people left (out of 6000, 90 paid), opponent  to my right with big stack reraising big with any 2 cards, I had p10s on bb, he (SB) paused and only raised BB, I thought pause and bet was odd, something up, I had 1/2 of his stack so I went all-in anyway to push him off, pause+small bet=pAs, I flop a set & suck out


I had option to worry over pause and just call small bet, flop would've ended up great. But if he's got any 2 cards and flop with overcard has me sunk. Reraise is OK then if he 's betting as before. But be careful if you think something is off, it usually is, pAs in this case.

Same tourney, 100 people left, I've got 10 or so BB left (60000 stack, 6000 BB), table has been very loose since 130 people left, lots off all-ins with mediocre hands, I'm BB with A10 off, opponent with similar stack goes all in having played loose, opponent with bigger stack calls. I think my hand is probably behind one of them at least but who knows the way they've played lately, but it's late and I figure "well, if I hang on just a little longer I'm money, but if I wait too long I'll be stuck with just the 1c which won't go far" so I call both of them (AKo, pQs, I loose).

Should have waited for better spot to go all in against just 1 opponent, or at least get the 1c to build a bankroll to use, but it was late...


next tourney, held off on calling all-ins when I had funny feeling, made it to 55 or so (1c!)