Well Played my first final table for a large field buy in did well when we reached the money played good poker. I must admit that the pso has helped me in regards to keeping calm and remebering that i can play hands but folding is good to move up in the money I will admit i played well enough that when we got to the final 100 i was chip leader till we reached final table. I did have to loosen my play more when we reached the final 18 as people were just folding blinds to one another and the blinds started to get out of hand so as a result when we reached the final 9 i was down to 3 in chips but battled back but finally was put out in 5 th when the blinds became to crazy and was playing for pretty much your whole stack blinds ( 50k - 100k ) Stack 800k chip leader 1.4 million Prize $148.19 Buy in $1.10 good return on my investment