Greetings to all PSO members and/or fellow poker players.It's my very first blog and it's kinda long so brace yourself :!:  Let me first start off with  a short intro of myself if you don't mind

 I am living the the UK as you all knew, specifically to say in Wales. I stated off player poker few years ago, I was actually influenced by, believe it or not, Ian Fleming's James Bond film 'Casino Royale'. (  Weird in my opinion, I heard many people got started to poker by watching Rounders or by the 'Moneymaker Effect', not me :-P )  Well, I do knew how to play poker before then but the film makes me realize how fun the game was.
I starting playing poker online on Full Tilt Poker. Sad to say that I did not do very well there, so eventually decided to move to a new online poker room.  Moreover, I made a promise to myself not to invest any of my money in this poker room as I am very sure I will lose it all. I will build by bankroll through freerolls and stuffs while improving my game and if I lose it all , I'll need to start from scratch. 
Then I came across PokerSchoolOnline which I joined on the month of March. To me, PokerSchoolOnline is by far the most effective and cheapest way ( It's free actually !) to improve your game while having a chance to earn some extra cash. Live training was perfect and effective, unlike other training sites which you need to pay to access their videos and contents.I salute to TheLangolier for spending his time teaching us fellow future poker stars.Without him us players won't be able to improve our game.
 But, in my honest opinion, I don't really think the Courses provided by the school is as effective as it should be. They should include strategies and tecniques to play the game correctly not just only the fundamentals.

 But let's not forget the Skill League, it is another perfect way to battle it out with fellow PSO students while earning some points and not to mention some money. On my first month, I had a bumpy start with some negatives but I was able to regroup myself to play better. Some of you knew that I don't have much time for online poker with my workload and stuff but I managed to fork out some time to experince the games when my travel plans were cancelled due to the terrible disaster that hit Japan last month.( I sympathise the victims of the natural disaster and I hope every PSO members can lend a hand by donating money and necessities to Japan. )  After playing less than 15 games last month, I managed to wrap it up with over 1600 points.

This month, I got off with a rocky start as usual. But I hope I can hit a comeback soon. I played most of it well, but I blame it all on the bad runs of cards. I love playing aggresively throughout the tournament, but this month I will take off slowly by playing tighter as usual as this is what I heard that the leaders are doing especially during the early phase of the tournament. But no worries, I might get back to the usual aggresive type play of me if the tight play still doesn't work out well. Wish me luck!!

Not to forget the forums, it's really helpful with all the informations provided my fellow students with hand analysis, stakings, freeroll tournaments for whitestars or newbies etc. Kudos to ' freddysw ' 
and the newmember coordinator ' !!!111dan ' for their generosity on organising freeroll tournaments for people like me to kick start their bankroll. And to all forumers out there, I appreciate all the informations and fun you guys put on the forums, keep it up !!  

Lastly, I wish all PSO members out there good luck this month and make us all proud by representing PSO and yourself in major tournaments like the Sunday Million or even the World Series !!!
Crunch out.8)