Hey guys,

I've neglected my blog lately and with the new year just around the corner I thought I'd see the new year out with a blog about with my recent going ons and plans for 2013.

For the last week I'd been finding my usual 5nl Zoom play becoming a bit robotic. I was stale and becoming easily distracted; I wasn't playing terrible but I wasn't on my A game.  After railing a friend and talking some HU SnG stategy with him I decided that I was going to give them a go for a change in pace. I'd read an article that says HU play is amazing for improving hand reading skills so I thought why not...? I downloaded an ebook and watched a few of Andre's videos and was ready to crack on.

I checked out some Br management and figured I could play the $3.50; reticent of getting burnt at the higher stakes i jumped in at the $1.50's and splashed about there for a couple of games, they seemed okay soI started playing Hyper and turbo's seeing what I liked. After about 50 games of splashing about I found my feet at the $3.50 4 mans, and I've stuck with them since.

In the graph below you can see my initial success was actually due to some run good, I have since been reading a really good book but my results have dropped off. I felt like I'd improved and had actually been unlucky. I looked through some hands and saw that although I was getting unucky with the best of it in a few pots I was sometimes getting a bit stationary on the river.

I've decided to see the new year out continuing with the HU SnG's and plan out some goals and a schedule I can actually stick to rather than be overly ambitious like usual. I've realised that I over extend my self and set goals that aren't realistic I end up not sticking to my schedule. Even if I can't put as much time in as I'd like I need to use my time properly and plan what I'm going to read or watch. 

Hopefully 2013 will be good to both you and me.

But hell i'm going to see 2012 out with a bang, my first profitable year  I'll leave you with my biggest pot pot of the year.

Sorry, this hand was deleted by its owner