Part 2 - Talking Poker

As some of you may know since early 2012 I have started taking my game much more seriously and been putting a lot of work into improving rather than just mindlessly playing 1000's of hands. I feel I have greatly improved my game in many areas. This has been greatly helped by talking poker nearly everyday!

In february when I made the decision to really start learning and improving I began to increase the time I spent in this forum reading and occasionally posting. Talking about decisions greatly helped me improve however it was slow and my speed of learning didn't really reach the speed I wanted to learn at for a while. I then added a few people from PSO on skype, and eventually the wise poker-head JDean set up a skype group.

Although we don't have regular lessons this skype group really is invaluable to improving my game. Disussing poker everyday really does help with understanding so so much. Although the hand analysis isexte useful. For spots that aren't 'worthy' of a post in the HA forum you can just post quickly in the group and get people views. Sometimes I'll even post the same hand in the group and in the HA forum, to get as many views as possible.

Sometimes we'll rail each other; sometimes we talk about hypothetical situations that we have been faced with on a few occasions and struggled with; and sometimes we don't even talk poker but just general life. It's nice to have a group of people to chat to so easily about all things poker, nothing is forced on to you and everyone puts forward opinions on certain spots. Not only have I improved my game greatly I have met people I consider friends.

I really can't stress how improtant discussing poker is, by talking everyday about everything poker you really do learn so much without even realising it .When at ease your mind can absord so so much, and when just casually chatting poker with some friends you really will pick stuff up without realising it.

A lot of pro's have skype groups such as these and there is a reason why! We might not have any superstar balla pro's in our group but trust me there are some VERY good players. So don't be afraid to hit me up with a private message if you're interested in joining. I may not reply as I am heading to Europe for a month but try JDean (pretty sure he won't mind adding you in).

As I am heading around Europe the last part of this mini series will be on hold. I will try update my blog en route. So if you're interested in my trip then keep your eyes peeled.

Good luck at the tables guys.

Croyd :-D