I decided to start my blog again, I used to blog but it was about my progress and i've decided not to do one like that this time. I see a lot of these blogs and although it is very nice to see people on PSO blogging about there progress i'm going to try something different.

Another type of blog I see regularly when browsing is complaining about run bad. Instead of a depressing blog like this I thought I'd write about a few things things that make me smile at the tables:

  • Sucking out on someone - As a microstakes player I know what it's like being sucked out on by an ATC calling station but that is poker it happens. Try to remember the times when you get it wrong and end up sucking out cause it does happen (hopefully not much as we'll be getting it in good) this may help your outlook next time you get sucked out on. Also by remembering it we can learn where we went wrong.
  • Hitting your draw with a fish still in the hand - I love to see the turn card peel when I hit my OESD and the table calling station is in a pot with me, value town has arrived get ready to be paid off
  •  Many fish limping when you hold a premium - Today I was sat in the cut-off and I was dealt KK both UTG and UTG+1 limped, this made me smile as I threw in my big isolation raise. I got two callers and a lot of value with my premium pair which is always nice
Although these aren't the main things that attract me to the game; they are nice things to happen when at the tables and everyone only seems to remember the bad beats and the negative things. Poker is a fun game to play so enjoy it and don't be negative you never know a positive outlook might even help your game :-D