Something I have noticed that really changes the mechanics of the tournaments on poker stars, at least the ones I typically like to play, are the excessively long late registration periods, noticeable within KO tourneys and others.

In my experience, the late entries change a lot within the environment of the tournament, all negative to the individual player, but better for the house and the manipulator. Without even considering possible manipulations, the time required to finish a tournament becomes much longer, a strong lead can be destroyed by 5000 new entries, the winnings spread is never the same as when first entered; usually being spread thinner, and the very late entries often ruin the flow and sport of the game; constantly going all in with garbage and no other reason than to go all in and ruin a hand.

I also find it rather strange that I have seen late entries pour in by the 100’s and 1000’s when the chip average and the blinds will chew up the entry level chips in no time.

I’m curious to know others opinions and thoughts on the length of late entries. Do you like it the way it is? Would you like them longer?

Personally, I do not like the length of them at all and I believe the late reg time should be brought down to 30 or 60 min tops. Until then, I will be avoiding any tourney with excessive late registration that seems to function beyond all logic.