The last time I played for money on PS was in 2006. I didn't know what I was doing and didn't have the patience to learn.

So a few weeks ago I downloaded PS again just for fun. Then I saw the PSO and I registered. I admit my motivation was to play in Freerolls but I can honestly see my "game" growing with every tourney.

Today in Skill League I placed 74 of 1119 and won .02. Not impressive I know but here's why I'm posting this. The first 6 Skill League tourneys I played in I just played my game. I never finished above 950 except for when I registered, forgot about, then sat out the whole deal - 75 hands if you're wondering. This time I played tight early, folded 'good hands' when I was out of position and finally I made effective bets. Got my stack up to around 20,000 and then...

Had A2h in the BB, stack is 14k. CO bets 7k, I push. He's got K10s and flops 2 more spades. I have him beat until the river flushes my stack down the drain.

What shoud I have done different? I was in 40th place with a good enough stack to sit out for a long time and either wait for a monster to double my stack or at least get blinded out into a better finish. That push lost me 30 spots and my tourney was over. 

Ok, next time I wait for a monster and finish better. Gotta go cuz the next ones starting.