Finished 997th last month, and renewed my warm-up ticket. I'm pretty happy with that. Had a bad run of four or five PSO's around the middle of the month (have a new job which took a lot of my time up), but min-cashed in my last attempt of the year and snuck back into the top 1000. White-star though, so i didn't get my 3 bucks. No bankroll to earn those VPPs yet =/

Anywho, today I played two PSOs and with a tip from a forum poster started playing the NAPL shootout free-rolls. 720th in the first, low-300s second tour (i think) First three NAPL shootouts i played went 3rd-3rd-2nd. Good playing, nothing in return though, only the winner takes a rookie league ticket. focused solely on the second PSO (made a bad play on a loose player who'd been showing nothing a lot, he finally had something) and when i went out there, took a break for a little while, then went back to the NAPLs, and somehow registered for 6 of them in a row, so i 6-tabled for a little while, which is really difficult. However, i made three final tables and went 1st-2nd-1st, so i've got two rookie division tickets (will be playing in those tournaments over the weekend, since they expire after a week =/)

Anyway, hopefully i can replicate my 6-tabling NAPL efforts in the Rookie Division tours. Gonna shoot for two of Friday-Sunday to play those.

Happy touring.