Today has been interesting. I had the whole day off from everything, so I took the opportunity to play some poker.

I forgot which one, but in one of the early WARM UP tournaments I finished in 21st, beating yesterday's finish by one spot. Other than that, I was not able to make any deep runs in any more of those.

My struggles in Skill league tours has been well-documented and spoken about (maybe not on here), and today seemed to just be following the trend. However, in the 17:30EST, I made a huge run, and finished in 20th. Not only was it a great finish, but it was a moral victory. Before today, my best finish was in the last tournament for November, a 94th, and this month i've had one finish in + Points. Seems like most of my 56 point losses will disappear with that finish. Hopefully it's a (giant) step in the right direction.

Until next time.