Played in the 15:00EST and 22:00 EST tournaments today. Much better than yesterday, 22:00 better than 15:00

Second hand of 15:00 had AJ and with an all in in front of me, i made a somewhat poor call. AQ for other player, no improvement for me; dropped to dead last with 20 chips left.

However, since the blinds had passed, i was able to wait for a hand, then called all in with Q7, couldn't wait much longer than that. managed to get 90 back, then made it to 165 before going out with Jacks against Aces. Ace on the turn and Jack on the river to throw salt in the wound. But I lasted about 25 minutes longer than i should have, so i'm actually happy with  the result.

22:00 tour, finished in 216th. Key hand was AQ; won three pretty big pots with it, including one right before the second break, 4700 chips to move up to 5800 total. Went out with Q9 in SB, flopped top pair (986) All in and called by 74 (with less chips than me) and 7-6 (with more chips) and 7 on river. It irritates me when people play like that; the biggest stack involved called 2800 into a pot of 6200. Pot odds were not correct to try to catch the straight, and he must have known i had something better than a pair of 6s.

Oh well. that 216th finish should put me close to 1500 again. Here's to getting back on the right track.

Good Luck everyone. Cheers.