Really stupid day in Skill league tournaments.

1053rd in 20:00EST - raised with 88 late position, called by 10-4, donk flops two pair. Out a couple hands later.

1042nd in 22:00EST - Raised with KK, called by 76h, three hearts after turn. Lost over half of my stack.
After building back up to about 600, pick up AKh, raise to 200 at 25/50 called by two players. All in after flop, called by 54u (same guy as previous hand) and 72h (!). No pairs after turn, 5-4 has straight draw and i have nut flush draw, non-heart 5 on the river.

62nd in 20:30 sunday mill qualifier
153rd in 21:30 qualifier.

registered for 22:30 qualifier, but not very interested in playing. Quality of play has really irritated me tonight.