About 20 minutes ago, I just realized how ****le play money is in the wrong hands.

2100 Play Money NL Omaha tournament, with 2675 in chips i pick up AsKhKsQs. I'm thinking that the benefits from this hand outweigh the disadvantage of three spades in hand. Player in front of me goes all in for 1370, so I re-raise all in, two callers behind. after the flop, a third player is all in. 

Hands are as such.

Chip Leader: Ad Kd Jh 3s
Second in chips: 5d 9s 2s Jd (!!!!!!!! Why is anyone calling a three-bet all in with this?!)
Myself: As Ks Kh Qs
Short Stack: 6c 2h Qh 5h

Board: 9h Td 2d 7s 2c

And, lo and behold, statistically the worst hand, and the one player with no business calling the all in, wins with Deuces full.

I'm a little irritated right now.


Played the 22:00EST again. 94th place; good end to the month. First ITM finish in the league. Made two key double-ups with AA vs. KJ and AQ vs. AJ to help me along the way. Need to avoid getting impatient, or I will not play well; learned that from earlier tournaments in the day...two finishes in the 700s in 17:30 and 20:00EST Tours.

Taking tomorrow off...Playing in a local game. Will be back for 22:00EST on Thursday.

Until then