Can't say that i'm disappointed with my play in the 22:00 EST PSO tournament, but I couldn't get anything going. After a first hand bluff, i was down a third of the stack. Three hands I walked or stole blinds with pocket pairs (99, KK, AA). Made perhaps a questionable call with A9 unsuited in BB against a min raise from late position, but turned an ace and moved all-in against JJ, Js came on the river, which left me with 170 in chips, and I was out next hand. 

Played a couple of PCA Freerolls after that with no success (I earned a ticket already this year to the final, but finished somewhere in the mid-2000s), then went to a three-table10k Play money NHLE SNG (I don't have any real money--$.01 balance). Started slow, picked up a lot of small pots. With blinds at 100/200 I started heating up. Won a big pot with QJu, flop QJ5, turn J, river A and collected about 3400 against K10. Ran good after that; flopped nut flush with A10h, flopped straight with QJu, flopped small trips a couple of times in BB with callers. Eventually got to 6 players, and played about 30 hands at 6-, 5- and 4- handed each. Played Short Stack very well, had chip lead briefly 5-handed, then three-bluffed over half of my stack away (misread hand strength of opponent).

Eventually, got down to heads up with blinds at 300/600 w/ 25 ante, ~33k to my 7.5k. whittled chip lead down to even, and momentum swung back and forth from there for about 35 hands, was down to 5105 w/ 600/1200 blinds 50 ante, doubled to 11300, and a few hands later doubled again to over 27k. A few hands later, with 4k chip lead, picked up 55, flop 7-7-2 and all-in call against 5-2. 4-4 turn & river and I picked up 99,900 play money chips for first place.

Ready to play more PSO tours and FB tours tomorrow. For now, off to bed.