This is fast turning into a whiny bad beat blog, I'll try and find something nice to say, just not right now.

Start off the tourny fantastic, loose table KK. My 3xBB bet is called and then min raised. Min raiser is bottom 10% aggrotard so I push. 2 Callers and my hand holds up, I'm in great position.
Off to the next table.
Got another bottom feeding aggrotard ranked 300 from the bottom, table is nice and loose. Lo and behold Pocket King's again. I am drowning in luck today!!! Blinds 50/100 I raise 3x and get 4 callers. Flop 9 5 4. I bet 300, 2 callers. Turn comes and I push. Bad for me as I'm up against a set of 9's. I double him up but still in good shape.
Two hands later A Q suited in the hole. I think a few seconds and decide it's a good gamble on a loose table plus I'm representing tilt so I throw my 2k chips in the middle. 1 Caller A 10 suited, same guy that had the pocket 9's.

Can anybody guess what hit the river?
Here's a clue, it wasn't a Queen:-D