It's been a steady few days for me in the PSO. I'm a little disheartened after learning that I need to play 60-80 Freeroll tournaments per month to make it into the top 100, kind of defeats the purpose of a "skill" league, maybe it should be called the Pokerstars "quantity" league, however I continue to try, maybe I have a shot at the top 500.

Last night I try my luck and wouldn't you know it, I get an aggrotard to my right, ranked 100 from the bottom but still playing 40% of the PSO freerolls. I find myself to be in a shill situation so I go TAG/NIT and don't pick up a single hand I can play. I used up my clock and still managed to limp to positive points so although I was effectively shut down by a tard I wasn't totally unhappy with the situation.

Today was a different situation though. I'm doing extremely well in the early stages of the tournament and then it happens. I am moved to another table. 6 Sitters and 3 players (including myself). Using the clock is out of the window as there are blinds to collect and it quickly becomes evident that these 2 have no intention of sharing. Every flop being raised and I'm thinking that it's a fair assumption that the aggressive play is the reason so many players have chosen to sit out. Long story short I try my luck with pocket 10's and ran into pocket Kings and make an early exit.
I felt pressured to play by the speed/aggression of these 2 players and I won't make the same mistake again. I will use my entire clock and pray for a new table.

I realize that that there are some players that have been unlucky and find themselves at the bottom of the rankings through no fault of their own, but I think it's a fair statement that the majority of these players are stuck at the bottom because they play like idiots and are just acting as spoilers. I wish Pokerstars would drop the bottom 10% of the leaderboard in the 2nd half of the month. It would force people to play a little smarter if they want to play the whole month, therefore raising the overall quality of the game Then we might be learning something other than coin flips.

As far as learning the game I think the play money tables are tighter than freerolls.