Everything I said about a better class of player went out of the window this weekend as I witnessed miracle after miracle on the tables.
AK AQ AJ were certainly no match for the dominating A Rag of the larger stack. Yes I know it happens but the frequency with which it happened seemed rediculous.
I watched player after player fall to the mighty power of the donk draw bet, and there was much fury to be had as the players were ejected after finding they weren't skillful enough.

My day consisted of 2 tourneys. #1 I won the first hand and was out the second, the old KK v AA. I had KK so I was confident of the suckout but alas, was never meant to be.
#2 was a better tourney for me, lasted alot longer and I won every hand that nobody called me. Approaching the bubble my AK was crushed by big stacks A10 off.
I consoled myself with a little play money donk bingo Omaha8.

Maybe it would be smarter to stay off the tables at the weekend. I rarely play FR at the weekends because of the stupidity.

Am thinking of giving the facebook league a try. It's not the money, I'm just looking for a good game with good players and not the mass of super aggressive coin flipping idiots that attack the freerolls and spoil a good time.