The first thing I noticed is there's much better play in these "school" games. It seems like people are actually trying to play instead of min raising and praying to hit the 2 outers every hand. Although saying that I'm sat at a table with a super Lag and suckout player right now.
I recognize it's a style of play common to online poker, but to have so much faith in your hand just because you are first to min bet before the guy behind you raises 10x the pot is just plain dumb in my book and shouldn't be rewarded with runner, runner, suckout quite so much.
Another gripe would be the slow play, the bubble is 1c, is it really worth the time out folds and using your time bank?

Not all bad though, I'm finding this new concept to be a refreshing change from the norm and way better than "normal" freerolls.

Maybe Pokerstars could set up a league for Omaha players too, I would be happy to be part of that..

As a footnote, 1 tourney down, finished 4th, donk finished 12th, so my play is only marginally better than his/hers