Busto again?


Some time ago i read about having a game plan.  Since i started playing poker, i never really had one. Small deposit here, small deposit there, small win here and there, but no real strategy, no real aim and thus - imminent fail. I remember this spring, when i first deposited 20$ on Stars. Ran it up to 40$ at 2NL Zoom and 0.25 cent sit&go's in a week or so, only to find myself starting to play random MTT's with like 3 dollar buy-in, which my bankroll could not support.

Where do i come from

Tiny background: I am an Eastern European aggro-action-junkie who is trying to play tight game, I have stars account for some 2 years, but really started playing in the beginning of 2013. Had my ups and downs, i am probably not the worst player, but nowhere near the player i would like to be. During summer(say may-september) i played almost no poker, only some non-sober weekend home games with friends. December come, i am unemployed again (construction is a seasonal occupation) and looking into poker, for fun and commitment.

Game plan

Anyway, we come back to game plan. Like Doc Rivers has a game plan when he sends out his starting five, so should i have some schedule to follow to. What this include? I have 40 buy-ins for 0.25c sit&go's, as well as on some more audacious plan, 5 buy-in's for 2NL Zoom. I will start with sit&go's, will not play more than 2 tables and through 40 games, well, i will be somewhere. Back where i started(not desirable, but fine), i would have more money in my account at some decent winrate(perfect scenario, maybe achievable), or i would go busto(highly dissapointing, but not impossible). 2-tabling could be boring, but i will have a lot of time on quality decisions. For a game plan, i should have some goal, so my goal would be to have 15$ instead of 10$ after 40 games.

Where do i go to

I will continue with poker education, goal is to watch at least hour of videos and read someting daily. I also find live training sessions @pokerschool great, been a long time since my last one. I want to get my head into ICM calculations more, as i have overlooked these during my learning. Might be the most difficult thing there is. Also i want to care about my physical health, which means less junk food, more exercise(let's see if i can do that, i am capable, but lazy). I plan to play 4 sit&go's daily and some 2NL Zoom, to keep it interesting and i hope i do not get bored. I will try to update my progress daily and talk some interesting hands here daily, will start my grind tomorrow.