I've been playing in the PSO homegames series for sometime now, and today I finally managed to get a bounty on a PSO Team Member in a Team PSO Bounty tournament.


Here is the hand:

I had earlier crippled TOO2COO when my 55 turned a straight vs his AT when we got it in preflop.  I was dealt JsKc in MP, with one limper and TOO2COO to my immediate left, I figured limping was the best course of action to get TOO2COO to put in his chips.  When action returns to me, the button, BB and UTG+1 limper have all called TOO2COO all in bet.  Given that there is a potential PSO Team Member bounty available and I have a large stack (and its only play money to a lesser extent), I shove here hoping I can isolate and at least clear out the big stacks, with the hope that I have 2 live cards and am only a slight flip underdog.  In the end, I am able to get the big stacks to fold to the shove, and the board runs out favourably with a K on the turn for a double KO.



*  Could I please have the KO bounty and blog bonus count toward the real money leaderboard thanks.