Following on from my deep run in tournament 2, I decided early this morning at the last minute to register for another tournament. I started off well, gradually increasing my chip stack over the early levels to ensure I was in a comfortable postion where I only needed to play premium hands.

After half an hour, I was in prime position to hit the money circle and claim the bonus 3 points that this brings. This was until I was dealt pocket aces which proved to be my downfall. I've looked back on the hand numerous times and I do think I played it correctly. I could have possibly have made a bigger bet pre-flop but I think this would have made my hand look like a bluff. I actually think the eventual winner of the hand was playing far too loosely in calling my bet and got the luck they needed on the flop. 

Even though I went out earlier than I would have liked, I still managed to score another 12 points which I was happy with, considering I wasn't going to play until a last minute change of mind.

I've included the hand where I went out below. What do you think? Did I play it right or did I miss a telltale sign that I was behind?