Following the previous, less than spectacular tournament performance, I knew I had to knuckle down and bring my A game to the tables if I were to stand any chance of getting close to cashing this month OSL.

Although I knew that I could play relatively passive and still earn points, I decided that I still needed to use some aggression where possible as a I needed to hit the money circle at least as the additional 3 points this would bring would be cruicial to my overall chances. Without having too many premium hands, I was able to steadily increase my chip count for the first hour of the tournament and I was sitting nicely in the money spaces.

Now at this point, I was half tempted to sit out the rest of the tournament as I knew that, due to the nature of the OSL, I would be guaranteed a high finish without the risk of busting out early and potentially missing out on a lot of points. I was happy with my game though and I decided to carry on with the intention of going deep.

I hit the money circle with ease and although it was late in the UK, I had intentions of hitting the top 6.25% which would bring even more points. Surprisingly, I managed to hit this target easily too even though I was below average at the time.

Once I had hit this milestone I played more freely than I had done so far in the tournament as I was either going to blind out or make a move which would put me right back in the tournament. My aggressive play was working well until I found myself in a three way all-in situation. My A-10 off-suit wasn't a hand I was entirely happy to shove with but I was getting short and needed to do something. One opponent showed A-Q while the other showed a king with a low kicker. I missed the board completely and the hand with the king took the pot.

I came 254th out of 8121 which I was extremely happy with. This result puts me back on track but there is still a long way to go.