Having missed the first few days of the November Open Skill league due to work commitments, I decided it was time to start my campaign. As I was starting later than most other players, I thought that it should be quite easy to make a nice profit, due to being perceived as one of the players with a lower points score. With just over 7000 players, I needed to hit 2700 to score points, "easy" I thought, but it didn't turn out that way.

I late reged with a minute to go and the field was already down below 5000 making my job seem like a formality. I was happy to fold my first few hands as the crap shoot was still in progress, people playing far from premium hands all-in and, in some cases actually hitting the board to double up.

I finally got a decent hand of pocket queens. After raising three times the blinds, I got a couple of callers. The flop wasn't the greatest with a king, but with 2 lower cards, I decided to throw in a half pot sized bet, forcing one player to fold and another to flat call me again. The turn was a 4, anon-connecting card so I shoved all-in as I didn't believe the other player had a king and I thought he had made a lower pair. He called and we turned the cards over.

He had pocket 4s and I was drawing to a queen on the river. The river was a jack and I went out with the best hand pre flop and also on the river. I think I played the hand correctly and he should really have folded after the half pot sized bet on the flop with a king and 2 overcards to his 4;s/

I lost almost 7 points from this brief tournament so will need to claw those back tomorrow as we attempt to make the money for the third month in a row.