I have recently started playing in the Open Skill League again after a few years off.

I figure this is a fun way to earn small cash amounts which I can use for sit and go tournaments which will hopefully pay for entry into other tournaments in the future. I had initially planned to stop playing in the OSL a couple of days ago, satisfied that I had secured enough points to cash but as the tournaments passed, I could see it was going to be touch and go, so had to play another one today.

I found myself all-in fairly early on with pocket kings and I had to hold my breath and hope I didn't get cracked. Thankfully I held and doubled up which gave me the security of being able to play passively and pick up the handful of points that were the main reason for me playing.

I ended up with almost 23 points and a decent finish to almost certainly guarantee me a cash at the end of the month.

Hopefully this will be the first step to making a decent sized bankroll. I am not going to set wild goals however, I'll be more than happy when I hit $10 and then take it from there.