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CC of email sent to Head Coach Dave the Langolier and 'ideas' at PSO Admin.

Hi Dave and all PSO admin folk and all PSO users too, how's tricks?

I'd like to make a suggestion that I think would make sense for PSO if not all of online poker in general. Namely that all PSO instructors use the same colour coding for opponents, and it would follow therefore that all us PSO users start to do the same thing.

I fully understand that at present colour coding is currently based on personal preference throughout online poker, not just at PSO. But it strikes me that this is not really very sensible or necessary and it would be great if it were not the case. Colour coding could become a language just like 'nit', 'loose passive', 'TAG' etc. is a fully understood language throughout all forms of poker. Why can't we instigate a colour language for online poker that is understood by the whole 'world' just like trafic lights are understood by motorists from all five continents (even when there are minor differences from country to country)?!

Personally I'd be happy to change my coding despite the tricky transition period this would present. PSO pros that have had their own personal system for a long time might be a little less willing, I get that, but hopefully that doesn't mean that it is an unachievable notion.

I'd choose Dave's colour coding scheme used in his Deep MTT series recently as I trust he has given the system some thought and it would be as good a place as any to start. Also, it uses several colours rather than just 3 or 4 and so has nicely defined sub divisions. It would be great to get to a point where we can call a TAG player a 'red' player and all understand. Or more importantly see a red player on a Langolier session, a Ahar or an Xflix session and instantly know what that means. Obv right?!

OK, so maybe encouraging the whole online poker community to adopt a standard system is a little ambitious, but hey, why not?! Online poker is still relatively 'young'. Let's at least try and create a situation where we all end up driving on the same side of the road. Surely, we can at the very least all drive on the same side of the road within our fantastic community here in PSO land.

I'll post this email in my blog and in the forum too to see what response it gets. I for one will start to use Dave's colour coding system forthwith (any tweaks or changes Dave before this snowball gets rolling downhill, might be the last chance you ever get lol!!). Is there any way of creating a poll where we can get votes from instructors and users alike to gauge if folk think the considerable effort and focus this suggestion would require is worthwhile?

Just an idea at this stage. But it seems like a good one to me