BR $190

My BR got a boost of $230 recently when I went deep in an MTT having switched from my cash grind for a bit of a change. Certainly know MTT's better than I do cash so it was nice to be back in my comfort zone. Expesive though getting some profit in.....

Anyway, just busted out of another MTT. We were down to the last two tables. I was playing well and had a good read on my opponents and everything was looking fine for a nice cash. Apart from being a bit card dead that is, so I was delighted when I was dealt QQ. It was quite an active table with lot's of opening raises that often folded to a three bet. But then it all went crazy when I had my QQ in the BB.

There was a raise and a reraise from two of the tighest players on the table. So I couldn't belive it but it looked like I was going to have to fold my lovely ladies. I had no time bank at this stage so actualy got timed out rather than making an active fold, but I guess I would have folded anyway as I was pretty sure I would be set minning.

Little did I know!!

The very next hand I was dealt KK, and look what happened this time!!

I know, bad beat stories aren't that interesting but I'm still feeling the pain!!

You got a laugh.....