BR $58.

Just a quick note to say I'm still alive, I didn't want you worrying about me!!

Right, let's start again with this challenge thing shall we. Obviously I'm a bit deflated that I've not been more successful but hey, it was meant to be a learning process. So now I feel I need to look at what I've learnt and try and identify where I'm going so badly wrong.

I've submitted 60k hands to Dave TheLangolier for his Stat Sleuth review session in the 17th of this month, so that will be very interesting, though a little painful to I fear!! No pain (or shame) no gain, isn't that right?!

In my heart of hearts I think I know where my major leaks are really. And also in my heart of hearts I know the thing I need to work on most is the thing I find most difficult and am least naturally capable of, ranging my opponent  Quite often I'll get to the showdown of a hand and realise that I never really ran through my head what he might have. I will have thought about what I hope he didn't have, but not actually put myself in his shoes and thought of the hand from his point of view.

I'm so untalented in this regard that I've tried to operate without focusing on it really, it's too hard work. I've given it sideways shifty glances but not the love and attention it really needs. But that has to change. How to change it is my current conundrum. My optimistic hope is that I'll click with it one day soon and it will be such a revelation that it will lift me and make me realise what I've been missing out on.

I've been surprised throughout my poker career, which is about three years long now, just how none linear my learning curve is with poker. It's a series of steep slopes followed by plateaus. The last steep slope was at the beginning of the grind challenge about four weeks ago. It was so exciting. I was focused, concentrated and thrilled. I was getting results and the sense of hope that I could actually make a success of this was tantalising. What were the ingredients then that I've let slip since the first quarter of the challenge. Is it classic complacency? Is it over confidence?

I'm really not sure what it is, maybe Dave can shed some light on it. But I'm sure I need to sort it out. Winning is much more fun than struggling. Being considered much more fun than tilting. Being right much more fun that finding out you were not only wrong but simply being way too optimistic!!

Hmmmmm, interesting times Archie (I'll being very very impressed if you can name the film that comes from.......)

Rock on!