BR $122.

Grinding up the micros is the best poker lesson you can have, I think. They all say it, those annoyingly successfull poker players that we all see around the interweb; 'don't move up in stakes untill you can beat (and they mean properly beat, consistently and understanding how you are doing it) the level you are on.

So I'm going to plug xflix's videos for the micro grind again which can be found here, they really are the nuts. I've started watching them again just to keep me on track and remind me not to get into too many bad habits or get too creative. Dave TheLangolier's videos (here) on playing micros are really excelent too. His voice can often be heard in my head (I know, disturbing for him and for me!) saying some of his mantras namely

Value, value value. Don't bluff. Don't pay them off. Right dave?! (To be honest I can't find the exact video where he goes into these esentials, can you point me to the link so I can insert it in this post?!)

Great, all I got to do now is actually play by the mantras!! And now that calm is restored to my grind challenge in that my confidence is back and I know where I should be playing, I now need to concentrate on being better.

When I think of my play yesterday is was a bit automatic. I wasn't really seeking out the right people to attack and exploit. This was brought to light watching the Full Ring team's meeting last night. Hearing Dave's in depth though prcess's made me realise just how shallow my thinking is at the moment and that probably explains my flat-lining graph.

I so wish I was taking part in the Full Ring - 6Max challenge. That team spirit and peer pressure would have been so beneficial and given me an added inscentive to do well. But hey, I could hardly enroll for something I wasn't aware of!!

Next time count me in......please