BR $133.

So, I've been playing the game that I did so well at at the being of this grind challenge and boy what a relief. I know I said this once before in this blog in a similar post i.e. stick with what you know, and was tempted into Zoom again by Gareth's excelent training session.

But the numbers don't lie (see results in previous post) and I lost a lot of money playing Zoom. Having gone back to tiling 4 tables of full ring I realise that I get a much better read on my opponents than I do in Zoom. I think this is because I pick up my reads more instinctively than by absorbing the stats and/or diligently making notes. I still use the stats, especially for 3 betting pre and do make notes, but there is so much to a read for me than just those things.

At a standard table I can quickly pic up on the guys to target and the guys to avoid and doing that again today by stopping playing Zoom and going back to normal cash reminds me that it felt good realising that I could do this a couple of weeks ago.

I'm sure I'll play a bit of Zoom when the mood strikes and as my game evolves then maybe the games that I am good at will change or grow. But for this challenge I now know for sure what works for me at the moment and getting to that 5c/10c level is so key that I'm going to stick largely with full ring untill I submit my hand history to Dave Stat Sleuth analysis at the begining of next week (to be aired on the 17.10.12).

The relief that I'm not totally pants is palpable!! I was just barking up the wrong tree for a while there, any dog can do it!!