BR $93.50.


It says in my CV (that I haven't used for about 10 years) that I'm good at crisis management and performing under pressure.

Well, it wasn't my intention but I have certainly given myself an opportunity to prove if that is still true or not. Look at that, a BR of less than $100 But, it's still more than the $50 I put in back on the 10.09.12

The plan is to look at my stats, see which game format I have performed best in and concentrate on that. No more experimenting. Dave The Langolier has asked for my hand history by the begining of next week for the Stat Sleuth session he is planning to do on my play on the 17.10.12. That will be almost exactly a month since the start of my grind up the stakes challenge.

It would seem from this that 2c/5c full ring is where I should be don't you think?

So, I have just under a week to give this story a happy ending!!

Wish me luck