BR $115.

OK, look how considerate I am. I played a hand that perfectly exhibits my problem. It cost me a lot of dollars to show you just how poor I can be in the heat of the moment!!

It's strangely refreshing to see it actually. It's like watching bad poker by someone else!! But, I do feel somehow liberated by this move. It so perfectly encapsulates the problem I have that it I feel it kind of proves to me that I'm not making it up. The problem really is there and it is so clear to see now I have to work on it and get to grips with it. This problem is categorically not a figment of my imagination, agreed?!

The book The Mental Game of Poker talks about this very thing. Knowing the problem you have well and then learning how to train yourself to not do it so that in the future the trigger for doing it is still there but training and practice mean that that trigger is no longer activated.

Brace yourself, here it is, it's not pretty!!

Oh, and jsut to say, I did stop and think about it, but I did not read my note to myself on my monitor that says 'Stop, think - don't regret this move'. If I had read the bit about regret I think I would have had the strength to fold such a strong holding. I considered that he had JJ but then convinced myself that he wouldn't be raising that big if he did. He, being a decent poker player of course was doing it to ensure that all the chips went in on the river. Clever chap.

I tanked for ages on the flop and that is where I should have read my note and folded. Saved my chips for a better spot.

So, can I correct this gaping hole in my game? Well, let's see shall we.....