BR $137 (though I did take $11 out to play the Sunday Storm!).

Lets take stock here.

Firstly, I am not fed up with poker, I'm fed up with my play and recurring errors. So that's good, I can't change poker but I can change my play.

Secondly I am still a winning poker player within my challenge. I Depsoited $50 back on the 10th of last month (not the 8th as previously mentioned) with the intention of grinding up through the stakes. I still have more than double my investment. So that's good too.

Thirdly during the challenge I've been experimenting a lot with different game formats, styles of play etc. This is clearly going to have a cost assigned to it but must be done now if I'm to learn where my game sits before I move up the levels.

So now, I think I need to almost start again from where I am today. I need to get my confidence back and use what I have learnt to try and stop my recurring errors. I have a copy of the excelent The Mental Game Of Poker on Kindle by Jared Tendler and Barry Carter  which I have started to read with renewed purpose. They are talking about exactly the issues that I am trying to deal with and so that provides instant reassurance that not only is it fixable it is also commonplace.

I've also gained a lot from writing this blog for you. Online poker is a solitary experience in many ways and it can be lonely when the going get's tough. Strength and discipline are required which can be hard to muster entirely on ones own. So writing things down and sharing them is very valuable.

My main problem as I may have mentioned is not thinking things through properly and giving myself enough time to make the right decision. So, I need a strategy to recognise when this is happening and a method of preventing it from occuring once I've recognised it's coming on. Not easy because by default I'm not thinking straight when it happens. But I have put a note above my monitor that reads 'STOP, THINK - don't regret this move (come on, work out what he has)'.

The message is pertinent of course but the biggest challenge is to remember to look at the note!! If I can do that I will have broken the cycle that leads to my rushed, tunnel vision like thinking that ultimately leads to bad decision making. Just looking at the note will be enough I think. So, if I don't find I can break out of my train of thought enough to look at the note I'm going to have to try somethign else. I did wonder if changing my avatar may work as a reminder to myself, but I think it's covered with my cards when I'm in a hand so that's no good!

It may sound like I'm taking this very seriously, and I am. I need and want this to work. I'm not playing poker for fun, I'm playing it to make money.

PSO rocks!