BR $170.

Having spent a few k hands bouncing up and down between a BR of $140 and $150, I'm now doing the same between $165 and $180.

I can only take this to mean that I am spewing too many chips in marginal situations and not capitalising on the big pots that I win. looking at my graph for the last few days, which can be seen here, it makes me realise that if the significant losses were reduced then the upward component of the graph would be maintained. Some of those loses are going to be variance but I'm sure some of them are removeable. Classic leaks I guess.

But, still, since 8th September when this challange started I still have a BB/100 rate of just under 6. I know this can be better, that's the whole point of trying to improve I guess!, but it is still not too shoddy.

I can't decide if I'm being a bit tough on myself or under performing. What do you think?