$183. Yes, I know, $183, that's winnings of $35 today.....so far!! Which way will it go from here, more up or a bit of down?! I'd like to say it's because I've found a new enthusiasm and afinity with Zoom (which is true) but it's just because I've been reunning like Elkie!! I tell you, I can't miss tonight.


But check out this mis-click. Can you believe I've missed clicked two days in a row?! Once is forgiveable, two is questionable at the very least...... Nurse, call the doctor.....!!

Bluffed ya! The mis-click was prior to the hand when I clicked on the 5c/10c level in the Zoom lobby instead of the level I'm on at the mo which is 2c/5c (did the same for the $1/$2 level earlier and even managed to win my blind before I hot footed it out of there!). So I thought well I may as well play a couple of hands whilst I'm here. Flopping the nuts is a special skill you know!! Getting a fish to come along for the ride is a whole other talent

Couple of interesting folds today. Tell me if you think I did the right thing......

It's nice to be winning again. Maybe being able to fold out of spots like those above is helping, as well as being a card rack of course!!

I was looking at the graph for my grind, which started back on the 8th of this month. It looks like my loosing streak has lasted about 8k hands out of a total of 52k hands which is not great but, assuming I've got back to more consistent winning ways, is not too bad I guess.


But yeh, loving Zoom having really changed my mindset to it. I'm getting really active, especially from the button and like Flix was saying in this video, trying to take pots down uncontested. My bet sizing has really changed too so that my bluffs don't cost me nearly as much as they used to.

Let's hope I can keep going steady when my luck with the cards dry up