BR $148.

Good morning to you.

Right, so, I'm having another go at Zoom having been enthused by Gareth's excelent Live Training session last night. What he had to say about reads in Zoom was fascinating and so I'm going to concentrate on that and my other mantra of SSR i.e. stack-stats-range. I need get to a point where I take in those 3 things (at least) on auto pilot in any hand I'm going to play, so I don't get in marginal situations and then think 'oh no, this guy has got nothing behind for me to win'!!

A couple of interesting hands already this morning. I've realised that, like Dave the Langolier was saying in one of his videos introducing Zoom earlier this year that there is more opportunity to play back at people in Zoom, particularly from the button and maybe the SB (though with more caution I guess due to being out of position post flop) because there is more stealing in general in Zoom. It follows then to steal more too, but that's kind of easy and, for want of a better word, 'obvious'.

Now I'm not saying I'm any good at it but, playing back at people that is, but so far it seems to be paying dividends.

This was obviously a great spot for me as it turned out, but hey I was happy to give up on the hand if he had called and I'd wiffed. It only needs to work around 2 out of 3 times (is that right?!) to be profitable, especially if you get the reraise sizing right. A lot of times I do 40c as the reraise on an intial bet of 15c but I think 35c would have the same effect. The guy is either going to call the 3 bet or he isn't so reducing it probably fine I'm thinking.

I hardly ever slow play AA but it worked out this time around. I guess I was probably going to call him down all the way despite it being such a scarey board. I didn't get to see what he had. Do you think I was crushed by a set of Qs before the river, or maybe two pair? Unlikely for him to 3 bet with QJ though I'm thinking.

I really don't want this to be taken as an instructional blog post! I'm feeling my way around here. Come back at me with comments if you have an opinion. The K9 hand was particularly risky as I had no info on the guy. But I got some in that he paid me off with, what was it, second pair?

Rock on. K.