BR $145.


He'd been really niggling me with his clearly LAG style on more than one table so I happily called his reraise with AKo. Flop was quite good for me so I clicked it back, and he started betting into me, which I was perfectly happy with. Then I left just the right amount of pondering pause before clicking it back to him on the turn. But when I clicked I didn't get the desired result......arghhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!


Ironic really as I was just thinking to myself that I was finding it hard to believe that I have played approx 3k hands and not really won or lost any $. Surely that has to be a special skill? Maybe I'm locked into $140-$150 bank roll land for ever and ever.

I've never misclicked before in a situation like above, that isn't going to help me get out of this altered universe is it now!! Note to self; don't do that again EVER!!