BR $144.

Well, well, well. Gone back to tiling 4 tables and what a difference. I suddenly feel back in control of my game again and am soooo much more aware of what the people that I am playing against are like. So, that's helped my confidence a lot, which is what I need most at this stage of the grind challange.

Didn't stop me making a shocking descion to call a shuv holding 2 pair when there were four cards to a straight onboard, hey ho. But I did let the clock run down on some decisions and made some good plays against limpers and weaker players.

So, let's hope this is a well founded feeling and that I can get back to the steady grind rather than the eratic performance of the last few days. Right now it feels good though, back in my comfort zone.

It reminds me of how I felt a couple of weeks ago when I was tiling four tables and thought 'yeh, maybe I can do this, my brain can cope with this level of info'. Which felt optimistic as clearly it's possible to make more money simply by going up a level rather than by adding more tables or whatever. So, we'll see. Are my stacking days over or will I revisit them in the furture or maybe when I don't feel so fragile by fatigue.....

Rock on!!