cptkev@twitter btw if you are so inclined. Not that I post there much but maybe I'll start, you never know, when I become a the first famous loosing poker player!! There are loads of famous winning poker players and many many more unfamous loosing poker players. Maybe I can become the first famous loosing poker player?!

BR $138 ie down $2 from start of session which actualy I'm delighted with as about 10 mins ago it was $130!!

$5 went on me making my usual kind of fairly LAG plays and them not coming off, which is fine. I stuck to my plan of no more than 6 tables (though it's tempting to click yes on the ones that pop from the list when I've gone through and selected a bunch to wait for at the start of the session, I was like a rock and resisted that temptaion!!) and 100bb only that were auto topped off as usual.

I don't usually stack of with AKs pre so what made me do it this time against a guy that clearly had AA or KK?? Do you know what, I think it was partly because of all the (great) PSO vids I've been watching where the pros are much more keen to stack off with AKs pre than I have been and am usually. So I thought I'd give it a go. It didn't work. He did have AA. And, do you know what, at the 2c/5c level play is pretty tight. It's usually only AA & KK that get into raising and reraising wars. AK doesn't show up very much. So, back to how I used to play AK.

Actually when I experimented with 5c/10c I noticed how much more lively it was and how much more QQ and JJ came into peoples ranges.

Then I played two hands really well I thoght. And both of them were read based rather than card strength based so it just goes to show what everybody apart from me seems to have grasped a long time ago, that poker is all about adjusting to your oponent!!

I won't go on about this one much other than to say the raiser is a really tight Malaysian reg with fairly high fold to 3 bet %. So when 'she' 4 bet me I thought, do you know what she is so tight I might be able to take it down on certain flop textures, and so it proved.

This one just stunk of a guy who had a nice hand pre who feared that his hand was now no good. And as we know from combinatronics he was not likely to have a 5. In fact I was much more likely to have a 5 in my range than he was I'd say. He may have had QQ of course, but my gut was telling me he didn't.

Interestingly, both of these hands were from the bb, hmmmmm....

I've also tweaked some of my Table Ninja buttons which has helped a lot too. I think I need to now tweak the post flop best sizing percentages as it seems to want to put more in that I do, particularly on 3-bets.....

I need this grind to work not only so I can buy beans and pay the rent but also because I've only got 3 weeks of the TN trial left to go!!

Rock on. K.