OK, it's official, Zoom is not my game. Good to experiement but I should have stuck with my gut instinct really.


I've just switched back to multi tabling 6-8 tables of 2c/5c full ring and it I feel so much more in control. I got hammered with variance in the last session but even that wasn't a problem as I sit there with my 250bb and just keep grinding.

And that's exactly what it feels like to me on full ring, a grind, rather than a slightly hairy gamble. Maybe there just isn't enough gamble in me (or my bankroll) for those faster paced games taht are popular for their gambley styles I guess.

Anyway, it's nice to be confident where my comfort zone is and now I'm just going to stick with what I know and try and get that roll up to where it needs to be.

Started today with $170. Currently on $160 after playing 1768 hands!! Well, not loosing money in poker is definitely the thing to master I think and a small dip over that many hands is OK by me. A couple of bad calls kept it down it could be above $170 now even with the bad variance, but hey ho.

You want to see a bad call, just look at this!! When I typed it into pokerstove it just laughed!!

You want to see a funny bad beat......

Rock on.