So, I actually thought this one through like a proper poker player!! Don't worry, I'm not up to Joe Stapleton's standard yet or anything but spots like this do make me think that maybe I can do it!!



That heart coming down on the river was obviously not a good card for me, making a straight for 9T and completing a runner runner flush. When he kept calling me I didn't think he was flushing but I did think he might be on a straight. Not a 9T straight though, more like what he had, over cards with some sort of draw.

My hand raging skills are shocking. It always amazes me when I watch the videos and Dave and Co are saying 'well at this point I had him on KJ, maybe AQ....' and when I'm in a hand I'm largely just thinking 'god I hope I'm a head here!!

But, in this instance, I did plan to check call the river. Maybe it would have been better to bet fold the river? Giving him the initiative on the river made it hard for me, but then again that's the tricky thing about playing a hand out of position I guess. Also if I bet the river and he has the balls to fire a barrel at that stage it would have been a pretty much impossible call for me.

Well, anyway, I stopped, thought it through, went with my read/instinct and it paid off. If I'd been wrong it would not have been an embarrassing call I don't think. Also, I might have done the same thing in his position!!

Rock on K.