Here week go then. This is the start of the 3rd week of my grinding up the stakes challenge. I feel like I need a bit of a break having played about 40k hands in the last two weeks, but also feel I need to keep the pressure on too. I've got to get good at this.

I need to get up to the next limit by the end of this week really I'm thinking. But, if I could get my roll up to $250 by say wednesday that would be good. I ended up playing a little more last night so went to bed with a roll of $170 which felt better but it's back down to $163.50 after a couple of hours of zoom this morning.

Not happy with myself for that zoom session. I knew I was behind when I called with QQ but couldn't stop myself, which is going to cost me a lot in the long run if I can't get a grip on that. I did do nicely against AA with 64o though which was fun!!

Not quite got the grip of Zoom yet. I think c-betting is easy to over do in zoom. I find playing it a bit dull to be honest but can't help thinking there must a lot of cash floating around in there to be picked up.

But, multi tabling 6-8 tables of 2c/5c seems to be where I win most consistently at the mo......

Wish me luck!!