A quick update. So, like I said, thought I'd give 5c/10c a cautious stab again having tried it the other day, had a period of run bad (and some mistakes by me of course) and was back down to 2c/5c after a session.

Built roll back up to over $200 so thought I'd have another go at 5c/10c. And blow me, another bunch of really tricky spots and being generally dominated. Is it possible to be personally disliked by a poker level. Am I trapped in 2c/5c land for ever and ever?!

It could just be that I'm really not very good of course, but it's hard to lay down trips (he has flopped FH), not call a couple of streets with top pair decent kicker in the blinds when raised from late position (he has AA, at least I didn't fall for his river trap check), etc etc, yada yada, blah blah....

I don't want this to be a bad beat winge at all, that's so dull!! Interesting that I just wanted to get out of there though as did not like seeing my roll dwindling. I have to make this grind up the stakes work with the roll I have so, back to 2c/5c. That mental buffer of a decent roll behind is so essential isn't it. I knew I was going up a level a little early as even with aggressive BRM you shouldn't move up untill you have $240 at 2c/5c ($400 in an ideal world) according to Dave and xflix. So now I think I'll stick with that. Get my roll up to $250 at 2c/5c before I take my next stab at 5c/10c.

Gl, tc. K.