Good morning.

It occurred to me that my last post in the hand analysis section here was more of a general interest post that I wanted to share than a pure hand for analysis, though I will be interested to hear the opinions of the fantastic PSO analysers too of course. I'm in two minds whether I played the pocket 7s hand well or not, largely because I hadn't really decided pre if I was willing to go all the way with my medium pockets against this maniac....and is it really a good idea or even necessary to bluff a bluffer.....?? It looks like I would have got all his chips if I'd just flatted his raise anyway, and risked fewer of my own in the process.....

So, I thought I'd start a blog so that I have somewhere to post all those situations that's it's fun/interesting to share with you.

Like this one. We all love a classic poker hand don't we. Ironically I wasn't really comfortable calling the mini shuv with my easily dominated hand....

So, hmmm, no spell checker in this blog app. That's not good. So now I have to work on my spelling as well as my poker. I really don't want to have to write my blog posts in another app, where the spell checker does work, then copy and paste them over. Will you understand if my posts are ful of lafable spelling erorrs and stil love me in the mourning?

And, how do I post screen shots? I've started making full use of PT4 and the graphs and visualisations of things that it produces are real inspiration and it would be good to drop some of that in here too.

How weird is this? I was using PT3 and have now upgraded to PT4, which is much more user friendly (though I prefer the HUD from PT3 so run them both at the same time!) but the stats aren't the same in both. But it's OK, the stats in PT4 are much better so I'll just look at those!!

This grind that I'm on, which started on the 8th September) is a really serious attempt to become a winning grinder. I'd be so chuffed if I could make a steady income from poker. Untill this grind attempt I was more of an MTT player though I knew it was going to be tough to make a steady income from MTTs I found cash tricky and struggled with multi tabling.

Two things have happened to turn that around. Firstly a stronger will to make it work (partly out of necessity cos I is skint!) and watching Frosty012's vids about stacking tables when multi tabling and using Table Ninja. Thanks Frosty! I'm so much more comfortable multi tabling in a stacked formation. I also turned of the beep alert when a table needs action so not only is there less eye movement and mouse movement than when tables are tiled, there is now less annoying and distracting noises too. Poker really is a game of small margins and it's the little things that can make a huge difference it would seem

Dave TheLanoglier's videos are just great and having used them earlier in the year I'm revisiting many of them and they are so good. Dave is planning to do a Sleuth Stat review on my hands towards the end of October and that is going to be fascinating. Just knowing that will hopefully inspire me to make as few donk moves between now and then as possible. I'd like that live training class to be have as few 'you really shouldn't be making that move in that spot' moments in it as possible., lol!!

The other guy that has really brought my game on in the last few days is xflix. Although I'm playing full ring at the mo (to reduce my variance untill I have a bigger roll) his videos on grinding up the micro stakes really inspired my confidence. He's very cool and his explantions are super clear. Last night I watched his vids on what to do when facing a three bet in various scenarios, great stuff.

So, on with the grin. Going to have another cautious go at 5c/10c today as my roll is back up to $205 and I'm super confident that I can get it back up in the 2c/5c level if needs be. I may even let it slip down to $160 this time at 5c/10c before moving back down to 2c/5c if needs be.

Godo luck at the tables.

PSO rocks!!