Say it in a big booming voice makes it sound a lot more impressive then it really is.Not much of a title but i could not think of what to call this blog. Could someone please explain to me that if i can be dealt a 5 and 3 16 different ways in an hour,why can't i get aces,kings or queens just as often. Is the dealing that bad or is this just another example of the randomness of poker. Is poker dealing by a person more random or less random then a computer doing the dealing or is it a tie.I would be curious to no if they have ever done a study on this, i would like to read it. I could not tell you which is better or worse,maybe after playing for 20 years i could.If i was a mathematical genius i might be able to explain it. But i am just your average guy who has to much time on his hands,trying to figure out some weird stat or another for my own amusement,hahaha.