A pretty hand is not a good hand,sometimes it can be but not often,most times they are death cards. In Caro's book of poker tells,he says that most opponents play hands at a whim,and that most opponents don't even no if they are going to play a hand until the last minute. Now because of odds and probabilities and the random acts of the game,does that not go hand in hand with being a donkey. If you are not getting cards you can sit and get blinded out or you can try to create your own luck and play any 2 cards. In which case if it works your a donk and learn a whole buncha new swear words,and if it it does not work in your favour,which a good portion of the time it does not your still a donk and not a very smart donk at that.Now i am not exactly what you would call a poker genius and i do not have what you would call mad skills in that department,but i do try to get better.But sometimes i have a brain fart and whoops the wheels just fell off the cart,and then i am standing on the side of the road scratching myself trying to figure out what i did wrong this time hahahaha. So yes i am prone to random acts of donkism,like i think most players are (some more them others).So before you start calling me names and cursing my poor dead grandma remember i am still learning and you were here once. Thanks for reading see you at the tables