I am self taught figured it out from reading books and watching on T.V. lots of things about game i do not understand,Sometimes i feel like a genius and sometimes just the opposite.So i am looking for a poker coach/mentor someone i could talk to about poker,someone who could help work on my game.Someone who could stand behind me and smack me in the back of the head before i am about to do something stupid.Someone who could stop me from donking it up.No one i know plays,the internet is okay but having a real person to talk to would be better,then doing all that typing. Not sure how i could find such a person,should i place an ad wanted poker coach,even if i found one not sure i could pay them.What sort of credentials should a poker coach/mentor have,would they have a resume hahaha. Sometimes i do something wrong and win and do not realize that i have made a mistake and played wrong but got lucky,sometimes just the opposite.On occasion i have a hard time understanding what i have just read,and it would be nice to have somebody to talk to about it,play the hand out in front of us to work out the problem better.So the search goes on any ideas pass them on thanks.I am really looking forward to the live training,i am a visual person and think i could get a lot out of it.So thanks for reading see you at the tables.