PokerStars Tournament #641157330, HORSE
Buy-In: 500/30
625 players
Total Prize Pool: 312500
Tournament started 2012/11/16 15:32:00 ET
Tournament finished 2012/11/16 17:51:07 ET
  1: corklondon (United Kingdom), 55501 (17.76%)

Though I won this tournie and won Play Money of 55,501, down to about 5k now and realize my game is far too loose to consider it as anything but beginners luck, was all-in a number of times during tournie and unusually my achilles heel of Omaha came to my rescue and doubled up when all-in at final table.

Enjoy "playing" even when i know i should be folding and realize that pot limit games suit this better. Have signed up to Poker School to learn correct principles of game in hope of strengthening my game and once they are learnt, practiced and working to devise ways of manipulating them to possibly gain an edge.

For the moment keeping the safety net of just playing with play money but hope to take plunge into small cash games once final tables and/or winning play money tournies become more regular.