It has been an interesting week; I can't win inside the league (example, in one of the games I played, I lost 1/3 of my stack holding AA, the rest holding a boat ( to quads, who knew!)). On the other hand, I've won 3 WR2 tickets this week, 1 on Limit Omaha H/L which I've done several times before, but the other two were in events I've never won before: a fully subscribed 8000 player HORSE event and an undersubscribed but still large field (6900+) NL Omaha H/L. I got very close with a RAZZ FR, but I was distracted and made some bad calls inside 250. 

So, I've retired from premium league play. Without a larger bankroll, something I can't have due to the requirements of my comp bets (and my lack of winning big money), I can't spend the time necessary to generate 20VPP under the new rules. I may attempt a comeback someday if I build my bankroll up. With a bankroll of 600 or so, I could play 3/6 Limit Omaha High / Low and pick up VPP quite quickly. 

Since February is a very busy month for me, I probably won't have time to build a big score in the open -- I've tested it and it plays just like it did in July when I first started with it -- but I may try for a few tourneys a day in March. Otherwise I'm going to devote my time to FR's and .25 90's which means I may see you there. (Though, I'm having awfully bad luck there too!) 

I wish you all good luck with your play.